It is our mission to always provide friendly, superior service, and to transform your hotel or
facility every night so as to leave a lasting impression on your guests, residents, clients,
and customers with our impeccable workmanship and attention to detail. We strive to
provide all the cleaning, renovation, and staffing solutions you need with utmost quality
and professionalism to make your life a little easier so you can focus on your business,
clientele, family, and peace of mind.


Five Star Specialty Service Inc. is made up of individuals who truly believe in providing friendly and superior service to Hotels and Resorts, Restaurants and Bars, Commercial & Residential Buildings and Facilities. We are a company of dedicated professionals, who are dependable, qualified, and cross-trained in many areas of expertise to offer you the highest level of comprehensive, personalized service.


At Five Star, we understand the unique maintenance and staffing challenges of hotels, restaurants, and property management teams everywhere. We customize our services to meet your needs, and guarantee to get the job done successfully - all while being sensitive to your guests, residents, budgets, schedules, and expectations. We are proud to be serving several prestigious hotels, restaurants and commercial buildings throughout the Southwest.